July 2015

15th July 2015
Last days of July already - Already! We disappeared off to the coast for a few days in Pembrokeshire, The wind was strong, the seas were up but boy what views! Im discovering fast that large landscape vistas in bright surroundings are a whole new ball game compared with the forest and its dense, dark mid range views... and Im still trying hard to master seascapes - but heres a few attempts. One of these days It'll be with a full frame sensor camera....

Can't help but notice what a year its being for wild flowers. Buttercups everywhere! and now the foxgloves have taken over and they seem to thrive in new areas every year.Here are some of Clarkes Pool Meadow near Lydney...I didnt realise that the giant hogweed was so dangerous! and luckily I didnt touch it at the time tho did think it would make nice dried decoration indoors. Apparently it can cause horrid skin reactions and cause the sunlight on ones skin to blister and burn where its touched... There seems to be alot of it around this year too.

The foxgloves in the woods up near Speech House took me by surprise, so many!! They often grow where fir trees have been cropped, but these were deep in woodland on an intensly bright midday. Sometimes I cant quite beleive what Im seeing.

A day off and we took ourselves off to Brirmingham to watch the Two Michaels (Weston-King and Cosgrave!) play some of the songs of Jackie Leven and Townes Van Zandt..both great artists, both now sadly departed; but it was lovely to know that people are still prepared to keep their music alive. An excellent performance! Thanks so much guys - A pleasure to listen to!

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