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'The Price of Beauty' on 5th November 2014 (Please scroll on down)
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Sorry its been a while and I dont know where time goes, but getting forced indoors now that the Autumns set in is no bad thing and reluctantly I'm beginning to embrace winter days again. The times of Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Rememberance are always pretty special, and marked this year by a beautiful lantern and torchlight procession around Mallards Pike lake on 5th Nov to coincide with the Infrastructure Bill debate in the House of Lords. As the evening turned to night we found out that the Lords had begun to promise an Amendment to this Bill to ensure all UK forests are kept that way.... We all heaved an almighty sense of relief that the night had gone our way. Its not all over yet, but heres some pics I took! To learn more please visit Hoofs (Hands off Our Forest) website via this Link

HOOF PRINTS below are now uploaded in the HOOF PRINTS GALLERY. If you would like to buy prints or a full set of 5 different cards for £10 (inc. p&p)) OR a 6x4" print card from the HOOF GALLERY for £2.20 (inc. P&P). Please use the drop down box below each print that says 'View Prices/Order a Print' ... or of course use the CONTACT BOX with your details, OR phone me on 01594 860062 and I can help you that way to order a print. Proceeds (After print costs etc. taken out - works out at approx 15% - will be donated to HOOF Campaign for photosales from this Gallery). Please support us! Thanks so much!

I was also hugely honoured to have my photo above published in The Guardian today alongside an article by 38 degrees explaining what this is all about. Huge thanks to the HOOF campaigners too....without them fighting to ensure that forest lands are protected by law - where would we be?! And many thanks to George Monbiot for his inspiring articles and letting me nick his blog title!
Shiny Days - July & August 2014
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Its turned out to be a wonderful summer with great spells of bright sunshine at last - Well, compared to previous years I could mention! I've been busy trying to get my landscape photos out to a slightly wider audience and have been running a couple of Stalls locally. Meeting new friends and selling wares is what its all about, and I can see why the UK is a 'Nation of Shopkeepers'... Its been alot of fun, and I'm hugely impressed with the craft talents of other stallholders. August I suppose is the time to start thinking 'Christmas' in most womens minds and Ive mainly concentrated on producing affordable prints to go into A4 frames rather than the big stuff which is impossible to display outside in a high wind!

And another Summer highlight was the great JOBEFEST!! ...Held on the River Wye near Ross with great people building rafts to raise money for new Scanners at Birmingham Childrens Hospital. Below are some silly moments as the refts propelled themselves (with assistance from their giggling crews) into Ross On Wye. Batman & Robin (2 consultants from Birmingham Childrens Hospital) were as Relient as ever. Pics below! What a day! and the Ross Gazette even put my photos on their front page! Coo ...

Speaking of movement! - Theres been plenty! ... Sometimes Landscape Photography can seem fairly static stuff, but its also full of truly fleeting moments of light where one has to be ready & quick. I eventually trotted up Ruardean hill a couple of weeks ago just after ex-hurricane Bertha had passed us by, and as the rain had abated enough to risk my camera not getting wet! Catching a cloudburst in the deepening, speeding sunset as it tracked towards us from the Black Mountains in the distance was wonderful. (I really must get the tea on earlier & family fed so I can practise this a little more!)...

High speed photography in good daylight is fun too. A couple of weeks ago I did the 'Equestrian thing' and found myself inside Lindridge show jumping ring secretly wondering if/when I was about to get trampled on by a thundering horse. (...Kindly assured I was not...). The size of these horses got ever larger as the day wore on .... A day full of photos! Huge thanks to every one there for being such great fun and so photogenic! Heres some pix of the child riders & their mounts who were just adorable.

But those calm still early mornings camping in summer are the best ever. The photos below were taken near Tenby in Pembrookshire when we spent a few days camping. Truth be told I was only walking around the area at 5.30am because I'd woken far too early to reasonably sit tight in a tent with others still snoring loudly. These cobwebs were in the field behind the campsite! Morning dew highlighting an entire city of spiders!

2014 Colour and Summer...!
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Dewstow Gardens! Near Chepstow. I wasnt expecting to come across such a wonderland hidden away in one of those places that everyone travels through, but nobody stops. (Its in between the two Severn Bridges on the Welsh side).

Early Spring 2014 - Please Scroll On Down!
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Beautiful spring sunshine at last! 2 weeks of soft warm grass growing, tree sprouting warmth. No need to light the evening stove, and a beautiful Easter spent with great people of Malvern where we enjoyed a wonderful afternoons music at Carnival Records. Took some pics of the irrepressible Kevin Hewick who amongst other local bands provided a wonderfully impressive set from his latest album 'The Heat of Molten Diamonds'.... Please follow the link on his name to check this man out!

Then a trip out to the peaceful valley at Llantony. This place contains the beautiful Skirrid mountain, the ruins of Llantony priory, and one of the most authentically peaceful chapels Ive ever experienced - Built on the site of St. Davids monastic cell. A true spirit of Wales. Not forgetting the spooky Skirrid Inn on the way home. At Llanvihangel Crucorney; a small village just off the A465 and at the mouth of this beautiful valley!

And in the same vein below are some photos from a recent visit to Chepstow Castle - Please enjoy!

Floody February 2014
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I guess the Forest of Dean didnt suffer as badly as it might with all this winters rain, and we're lucky to live in hilly areas with the River Wye at the bottom of our village more or less behaving itself. The sun - when it bothered to come out - lit up the numerous pools and puddles that had formed beautifully, I sank in the mud...Oh the joys!

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£11 for pack of 5. (inc. P&P UK & Eire)
Each pack contains 5 6x4 prints - all different- of the Forest of Dean in its frosty glory which are mounted onto blank 5x7 cards. They can be used for any Winters greetings.
Please Click on this link to View card sets and order packs of 5 different cards. The cards can be seen on home page too!
Autumn 2013
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Some amazing Autumn colours this year! If you see anything you would like as a print that isnt available on the main portfolio pages (I'm limited to space!), then please CONTACT me and we can arrange. No problem!

I'm amazed too by the huge diversity of fungi that bloomed on the forest floor this year. Every trip out seems to result in me hunched in the wet earth beside a group of tiny toadstalls to try and capture not only the best shot I can, but also to show the varied environments they grow in.

..And Evening Photos of the Severn Bore as it charges up the River severn. This was meant to be a 4 star bore but as the weather conditions out in the Atlantic were calm, I think it only masnaged a three star rating. The lights are from the surfers as they lie out in the river waiting to ride the wave. A few were washed ashore at my feet just after these pictures were taken!

Summers End
26th September 2013 - 0 comments
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Rory Mcleod Played a fantastic gig in Coleford recently. A real honour to witness harmonica playing at such a high calibre. I actually didnt realise til now the versatility of this instrument. Heres a few pics from a wonderful gig!

What a beautiful summer weve just had. My hip is better following an op in July and things starting to get back to normal again at last. Below are some photos from Newent Onion Fayre in Late august. The great band the Roving crows blasting their wonderful music across Newent town. A huge audience - You can see the reflection in the trumpet!

MAY 2013
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On the spur of the moment we headed off to Lydney Park Estate for a sunny stroll as the gardens are open a couple of days a week for the month of May only. What a treat, and so glad I'd taken the camera! Rhododendrons galore, beautiful garden lakes, lawns, pools and a quick visit to an ancient Roman Temple site on Elves Hill. Then a cuppa on the front lawn of a mansion on the hottest day of the year so far. So glad we went. I felt like a queen for the day!

And a Fantastic May Bank Holiday Gig with Blind River Scare at the X Keys Pub, Gloucester.

Springtime 2013 - Frogslegs & Bluebells!
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As the warmer weather is still on the horizon and Early April proving chilly, I decided to catch up with some dear friends playing with 'Way out West' in Gloucester for Cafe Rene's 10th Birthday Party...Frogs legs, snails and some raunchy French numbers followed! These talented multi-intrumentalists Pat, Jon & Kathryn can be found lurking at Way Out West's website if you would like to check out more!

I think the bluebells will arrive late this year, and look forward to photographing them. Its strange how every year provides a different light, as sometimes the trees are in full leaf by the time the bluebells appear, sometimes its too dry and they are sparce and sunshine is absent; but now and again everything is perfect and nobody can believe that theyre not in a forest fairyland! Here's a selection of photos from previous years as I cant wait to see them again. Most bluebell photos are already posted in the Spring & Summer Portfolio. If you see anything you'd like as prints please do Contact me.

Lately Nikki & Jons Wedding. I really enjoyed taking the crazy dance photos during the evening disco with a great crowd of people and wanted to include these here. More at this link and huge congratulations to Nikki & Jon for tying the knot with such style!

2013 Winter Light
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For me & HMV this winter hasnt been the best on record! In November we decided to bring on some winter festivities a bit early and took the family ice-skating in Cardiff. An hour or so later there I was in Cardiff Hospital with a fractured hip awaiting an operation to pin it back on. My ice-skating days are officially over! The saving grace proved to be the beautiful forest and venturing out on crutches in a foot of snow was the best photo physiotherapy ever. Here are some of the more abstract shots from my convalescence - others downloaded onto the Winter portfolio...not up to the usual but thought you'd like to see them. I'm walking again and looking forward to picking up on wider photo opportunities now the spring cometh! Please dont hesitate to contact me if you'd like your photo taken....maybe in one of the stunning natural venues the Forest of Dean has to offer....details are on my Prices page!

snow & mist!

Autumn Light
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Heres a quick snap of some of my A4 mounted prints displayed for sale in Lydbrook Stores and Post Office. Its lovely to find some wall space available closer to home, and both new Autumn & Christmas cards will also soon be on the shelves here and at Coleford Book Shop.

Summer Weddings!
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Here are just a few photos from Maria & Laurence's Wedding in July, it was a glorious sunny day! More photos from the day are viewable here.

Summer - Please scroll down for the latest portraits!
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An open day at Blenaevon Railway was a fantastic day out. People dressed in WW2 clothes - which to be honest didnt look much different from the country dress of the 1960's that I was brought up with. There was demonstrations of bomb disposal, a crashed Messerschmitt, a lovely WI sale and rides on the Steam Railway. Here are some of the Photos below....Please scroll down the page & enjoy!

A few shots of a fine local musician Mr Bob Smith at one of the regular open mike sessions at the miners arem in Whitecroft. Bobs got a new album coming out soon called 'The Bob Smith Identity'...more details coming soon!

Im still slowly adding to my 'Countryvile' collection...below are a couple of photos of an old local garage and filling station which I love. There are individual photos available as prints at this link.

May Fests!
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WATOTO came back to the Forest of Dean for an inpromptu performance this last May weekend. The kids are honestly way too fast for my humble lens! Older photos from are in the Watoto portfolio...but please visit their website at: to learn more about these incredibly brave children and the other Ugandan street children they stand for. - These kids sing with their eyes open. Thanks.

And The Bristol Folk Festival! with also a few shots taken around the Quayside areas as a breath of fresh air was in order between the raindrops! But there again it was a Bank Holiday!
Great range of music tho' .... Lots of dancing and an indoor market, and a bunch of Harleys down by the quay! The organisers/promoters are at if any musicians would like to play in dear 'ol Brizzey! As they say when they get off the bus...."Cheers Drive!"

...And a lovely band - 'Blind River Scare' photographed at Cinderford Festival! They are at:

Spring 2012 - At Last!
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Well Here it is..Please scroll down!....The Website up & running as I'd hoped..! And just in time for the Summer season too. The area is just starting to wake up to an influx of this years tourists, A few places of real interest re-opening after the winter lull.

The Wedding Season has started too,I've include below some photos of a very enjoyable wedding last month when Doris & Pete tied the knot. For once there was time to capture odd moments with the guests during the wonderful service itself, and I thought I'd show you these shots below. We were all captivated too by the beautiful voices of the Forest of Dean Male voice Choir. Some of the photos of them singing are in Portraits Portfolio at this link

Ahhh! Weston Athletic Football Club from Ross on Wye are doing extremely well this season, and they are a pleasure to photograph! The last match was a tad damp with driving rain and it turned icy cold up on yonder playing fields at Broardwell. It was a tad painful too as I managed to get hit on the ear by the ball as it was being thrown back to players by a supporter. It sure warmed my ear up tho ! A selection of photos are below, but Ive taken so many this season its hard to choose! If you would like any photos taken for your sporting fixture - whether it be football or something more exotic. (theres more football shots on the Customers page too!) then please dont hesitate to phone me on 01594 860062 or leave a request on my Contact Page which goes straight to my inbox....I'll get straight back to you to discuss your requirements. I LOVE action photography of all descriptions and have recently added some dance photos taken in local woods. At this Link! and also on the Prices Page.

....And on to another book that I read around Christmas time...'Call Mother A Lonely Field' by Liam Carson is a wonderful book about his Fathers resolve to (re)-commit the Irish Language into his family's life. Liam writes without sentiment, furnishing this memoirs with 1970's Belfast through boyhoods formative eyes.
Nuala ni Dhomhnaill said; "...For him, as for his father, Ithaca is not a place but a language..."

I'll be adding to this blog a bit more often now...As far as the forest phtography goes - next stop are the glorious acres of Bluebells which are flowering as we speak. This year should produce better light as last years bells arrived so late that the beech woodlands were already in full leaf, producing a yucky green cast to those delicate blue hues. The bluebells in Forest of Dean have to be seen to be believed. NO photo really does them justice!...and the scent!
Checking my Latest Photos Page should yeald some results very soon, but theres already photos uploaded in the Spring Portfolio too....(Well, when it decides to stop raining here)!

In the meantime tho', Whilst ploughing through the digital archives I hit on the idea of a 'Country Vile' Portfolio - Full of Rusty artifacts even a rural answer to Hoppers paintings!....Have made a small start! A slight deviation here from the beauty of the forest I'll admit, but glorious HDR decomposition can be found in the Creative Portfolio

Frosty Fields and all that!
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The new site here is up & running although not quite finished as I continue the great eternal and internal debate about photo sizing, video embedding etc. Im living & learning steeply with all this (new to me) internet presentation, but I hope you like the look of the place so far! The sales links will be up and running very soon. If you see a print you might like before the site goes properly live, then please Contact me or by email at:

Some other photography this month has included plenty of football photography with some fine local matches at Weston Atheletic ground for the local papers. Ive discovered that I dont actually need to learn the 'offside rule' provided the action shots are good.

And a football shot Weston Athletic v. Milkwall at the weekend!

Also a lovely gig at Bristol Folk House by Michael Weston King whose new album 'My Darling Clementine' is getting some great and well deserved reviews.

The Forest weather is being exceptionally mild here this January, as for the past few years we've had up to 8inches of the snowy stuff at a time. There were a few days of frost last weekend however, so it was up at the crack of dawn and off down to the River Wye near Lydbrook for some of those early morning misty shots by the waters edge. Beautiful light in places once I'd given up haring around in the car in search of the sun penetrating the mist at a perfect angle, and settled on what was actually there rather than what wasn't. These early morning forays are the stuff dreams are made from, but bitterly slippery and falling in the R.Wye with a Nikon camera isn't such a great idea! Still, the boots held; and Ive posted a few misty river photos in the Winter Gallery.

An then of course the recent Northern Lights, an event which Ive been anticipating almost as much as I dared. As usual, the promise of a photographic Christmas was steeped in a blanket of cloud, although the eerie glow in the Northern sky looked as tho' an unplanned neon city had just been erected in the yonder Herefordshire hills...but I saw them!! Two episodes of green streamers snaking their way through the heavens. A fifty year wait - but it was worth it! The photos came out looking like William Turner on valium and I missed the streaks, but the camera knew there was something there. Have made a mental note to take this seriously and visit Norway before I die!
ps. Whoops - Its just started snowing! Noticed recently that the kids desire to play in the stuff has wained somewhat!

"A man's life is colored by the dye of his imagination."
Louis Nizer